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Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.

Rather, it's about feeling great, having more energy, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible - all which can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and incorporating them in a way that works for you.





Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? So why not start your own exciting and rewarding business in one of South Africa's fastest growth industries. Open your very own Flex 30 Minute Fitness Studio.

The Flex Gym Package includes everything you need to open and operate your business successfully without the usual restrictions of a long term franchise agreement or costly franchise fees.

We provide a complete business solution, from our state-of-the-art exercise equipment to our branding and marketing, business administration as well as training and support. Flex offers true independant business ownership, because unlike other franchise businesses, the Flex package is a once-off purchase without the long term franchise agreements or monthly royalty fees.

So you call the shots, and decide what your earning potential will be, along with our continued support.


Flex Turn-Key Training Support System

Training & Certification

Included in the package price, Flex provides unsurpassed training and support on all aspects of a Flex Fitness studio. When you become a Flex partner, one of our experienced Master Trainers will travel to your facility to provide all the business, marketing and circuit training required to successfully manage your fitness studio.

You'll earn your certification and have the confidence and expertise to manage and market your Flex studio like a pro.

Along with equipment/coaching training, we include initial planning issues (finding your site, business models, studio planning/design and financial planning), business operations (daily administration, member service and opening/closing procedures), sales and marketing, and all the details in between.

The Flex training package provides a complete understanding of our business model, and we will equip you with the necessary information and skills to be able to pass on this knowledge to your staff.

Circuit Training includes:

  • Learning proper techniques on all hydraulic stations.
  • The principles of circuit interval training.
  • Gain an understanding of all muscle groups involved with each hydraulic resistance machine.
  • Understanding the difference between concentric and eccentric resistance training.
  • Create a variety of safe and effective class formats.
  • How to use the circuit training equipment for a variety of special populations.
  • How to monitor each participant for safety.
  • Directing class participants through a variety of motivational techniques.

Flex Package

The Flex package is a complete turn-key business solution providing all the electronic design marketing and business administration elements required to successfully operate and manage your circuit fitness studio.

The Flex Total Gym Package includes:


20, 22 or 24 Station Circuit

Onsite Training & Certification
Operations Pack
  • (2) Music and (4) Queue CD Pack
  • (1) Heart Rate Poster
  • (1) Perceived Exertion Poster
  • (1) Anatomy Stretch Poster
  • Circuit Training Manual and DVD
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual
Gym Assistant Club Management Software & Licence (500 members)
Electronic Business Forms
  1. Membership Agreement
  2. Debit Order Authorisation
  3. Par-Q Medical Questionnaire
  4. Employment Contract
  5. Liability Release Form
  6. Assessment Form
  7. Information Sheet
  8. Guest Register
  9. Gift Voucher
Electronic Marketing Material
  1. Flex Logo
  2. Flex Banner
  3. Flex Poster
  4. Various Ad Templates for print media
  5. Business Card Template
  6. Letterhead Template
  7. Gift Voucher Template
  8. Guest Pass Template
  9. Membership Card Template
The Finishing Pack
  1. Digital Caliper
  2. Body Composition Tracking Software
  3. Digital Scale
  4. Blood Pressure Monitor
  5. Measuring Device
Promotional Items
  1. 40 Bar-coded Keyrings
  2. 20 Flex Branded Towels
  3. 20 Flex Branded Water Bottles
Flex Website - www.flex.co.za
  • Your studio will be listed on our club website providing contact details and a map with directions to your Flex studio.

Industry leading hydraulic fitness equipment

Distributed by Hydraflex Fitness Solutions PTY Ltd, the Flex range of hydraulic exercise equipment is commercial grade fitness equipment made with the highest quality workmanship and quality control standards. You cannot find better built and more comfortable hydraulic exercise equipment anywhere in the world.

Engineered with the highest regard for ergonomic and anatomic function and form, Flex equipment is also designed to the highest biomechanical specifications and with adjustable dual hydraulic cylinders your members will never plateau on our equipment.


All the benefits of a franchise without the long-term franchise contracts or costly franchise fees

Flex is simply one of the most exciting business opportunities in South Africa because it provides the four essential elements desired in a true turn-key business; A great lifestyle, excellent income potential, extremely low start-up costs coupled with personal health and wellness.

Flex offers true independant business ownership, because unlike other franchise businesses, Flex is a once-off purchase without the long term franchise agreements or monthly royalty fees.

So you call the shots, and decide what your earning potential will be, along with our continued support.


Enjoy true business ownership today... with Flex!

For more information on starting your own Flex 30 Minute Fitness Studio, submit your details below or contact us directly on 021 559 6967.



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